Welcome to the Music Information Section of the site. The new layout includes a dedicated subdomain for returning visitors - music.shanemcdonald.org.

As you can see on the left, all the most recent updates on this section are highlighted, along with a random tab link. On the right hand side you have full links to the main chords and tab section which includes piano / keyboard tab and chords which I have transcribed (mainly for Queen songs at the moment), some MIDI and MP3 files I've created and some other music related sections including information on musical equipment, and music reference. Guitarists can find a set of basic Guitar Chords in the Guitar page.
Also the Brand New Chordmap program allows you to generate up to 420 keyboard chords for every key from Major to Minor 13th.

I hope to extend this section now that the layout has been cleaned up a bit. The coming weeks will also see a small Queen related section being added to the site.

In a recent update, an RSS Feed has been added to the site. You can subscribe to this feed to obtain information regarding updates to the site - useful for being notified of new chords & tab. The RSS is updated at least once a week, whenever theres news or whenever the site is updated!
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Over 420 Piano Chords for you to find in this new section...
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